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Blue Street

The original tune I made for fulcrum way back in 2007

Blue Street

Fish Light


2 version of a 2008 tune.

Fish Light

Fish Light (nori mix)

Living, Again and Again (Marcus John Mix)


A 2008 rocked up version of an old Impulse Tracker tune.

Living, Again and Again (Marcus John Mix)

That Connection Feeling


An older 2008 tune. Nice and Mellow.

That Connection Feeling



My 3rd tune as part of my mobile music collection. Also my first tune made with Caustic version 3.


City of the Hangai


The 2nd tune made with my phone using Caustic.

City of the Hangai

Rainfall (LITR Revival Mix)


Been working with the Caustic mobile music app and loving it. Here’s the first tune from my efforts as part of a project to put together an album of tunes made on my phone.

Rainfall (LITR Revival Mix)

Terre Haute – Music by El Blanco

Terre Haute : 2:25

This short little tune was the one I made for our 4k intro “Bait” which we entered @ Assembly 2010. Ultimately, we decided to go with Coplan’s tune for the intro which is thematically *much* better for an intro with a story about a giant alien space station that eats planets. But I thought I should release this anyways.

It’s 100% 4klang which is an amazing little piece of software. It’s my first real go at using this thing, so I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Get the .4kp file from if you want to hear this thing. Otherwise hunt and poke around as I pretty much just used the presets.

Get the Files:




Packard – Music By El Blanco

Packard : 3:04

Greetz to fulcrum peeps.

I guess I got inspired by a really great sounding DSK VSTis ( There are some super gems in there. My favs are the Analog Matrix and the Asian Dreamz which I somehow managed to combine into this tune.

I’m really super happy at how this turned out, using a Chinese Pipa in the second half really breathed something into this when I got stuck trying to figure out what to do. As soon as I added that instrument, the rest of the song literally fell together.

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Eketorp – Music by El Blanco

Eketorp : 3:36

note:if you want to listen to this in MT2 (*and* you happen to have all the VST(i)s, you have to turn arpegiation off in z3ta+ #5, no idea why it won’t stay off…).

Anyways, I cooked up this little old-skool demo-style tune for seven and our upcoming demo. The focus was on a nice traditional demo-scene style tune, with fast beats, funky bases, over the top synth leads and the rest. But I had to keep it short and sweet to fit within the lenght of the demo.

Came out better than I hoped, plus it has a nice updated sound which I’m happy about.

Other features: first tune that I really spent any time messing around with VSTs for effects. I have a distortion VST, a chorus, a compressor, some other stuff.

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