Aug 06 2016

Escape Through Subspace 1K


This is our contribution to the Assembly 2016 1K competition, where it took the 1st place. You need quite a powerful graphic card to run it in realtime. (RX 470 level for 720p version, GTX 1080 for the 1080p version). There is some making-of information in the readme.txt in the archive.

Feedback welcome on the Pouet page:

You can watch a recording on Youtube:

Download the archive with executable party and safe versions here:
Escape Through Subspace 1K by Fulcrum (nvidia fix)

And for those who are curious how this was doen: the fully documented shader code is now available: ETS_source

  • Bemmu Sepponen

    Hi Seven. Bemmu here. I couldn’t make it to Assembly this year and couldn’t find your email address, but I wanted to congratulate you on the win! I was applauding at home for you and judging from your expression you were pretty happy :-) I hope your family is doing well and I wish you all the best here from Japan :-)